React v15.6.2

By Nathan Hunzaker·

Today we’re sending out React 15.6.2. In 15.6.1, we shipped a few fixes for change events and inputs that had some unintended consequences. Those regressions have been ironed out, and we’ve also included a few more fixes to improve the stability of React across all browsers.

Additionally, 15.6.2 adds support for the controlList attribute, and CSS columns are no longer appended with a px suffix.


We recommend using Yarn or npm for managing front-end dependencies. If you’re new to package managers, the Yarn documentation is a good place to get started.

To install React with Yarn, run:

yarn add react@^15.6.2 react-dom@^15.6.2

To install React with npm, run:

npm install --save react@^15.6.2 react-dom@^15.6.2

We recommend using a bundler like webpack or Browserify so you can write modular code and bundle it together into small packages to optimize load time.

Remember that by default, React runs extra checks and provides helpful warnings in development mode. When deploying your app, make sure to use the production build.

In case you don’t use a bundler, we also provide pre-built bundles in the npm packages which you can include as script tags on your page:

We’ve also published version 15.6.2 of react and react-dom on npm, and the react package on bower.


15.6.2 (September 25, 2017)

All Packages

  • Switch from BSD + Patents to MIT license

React DOM

  • Fix a bug where modifying document.documentMode would trigger IE detection in other browsers, breaking change events. (@aweary in #10032)
  • CSS Columns are treated as unitless numbers. (@aweary in #10115)
  • Fix bug in QtWebKit when wrapping synthetic events in proxies. (@walrusfruitcake in #10115)
  • Prevent event handlers from receiving extra argument in development. (@aweary in #10115)
  • Fix cases where onChange would not fire with defaultChecked on radio inputs. (@jquense in #10156)
  • Add support for controlList attribute to DOM property whitelist (@nhunzaker in #9940)
  • Fix a bug where creating an element with a ref in a constructor did not throw an error in development. (@iansu in #10025)